i just wrote this, it just kinda happened, and i just let it flow out. if you find this, i hope this doesn't upset you or cause any discomfort. i haven't edited this or even read it after writing it, so i'm sorry if it's strange. to be fair, there's a reason i hid it.
i forgot how happy you make me
it’s dangerous

things start to settle down
and then, without warning, there you are
coming back through to uproot everything 
that i had worked so hard to force down

but im not upset

it’s like a storm coming through
it brings damage
but with that comes undeniable beauty
and sometimes
you’re grateful for the rain

without the chaos
you can’t appreciate the sun
and besides
who doesn’t love to dance in the rain

you are the storm of beauty
terrifying, but relieving 
after being alone in the sun
for so long
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