I know that sometimes it can be easy to forget about how the people you care about love you, and it can be easy to convince yourself that they don't love the things about you that they say they do. I know how easy it is to convince yourself that what people say is a facade, or that they've changed their minds or whatever else. This is why I never hesitate to give you words of affirmation, to let you know that I love and care for you so much more than you realize. So in case you ever forget or second guess or anything, here's a small list of a few things that I love about you. 
your eyes
your smile
your lips
you play with my hair
you're okay with how clingy i am
your laugh
you're stubborn
you're beautiful
your hair is amazing
you care
you're understanding
you're not judgmental
your fashion
you're brilliant
you make me laugh
you make me feel loved
you laugh at my jokes
your admiration of freckles
your music taste
your taste in movies/tv
you're comfortable with me
you're very well-read
you're considerate
the way you look at me
your voice
you attract people
you're selfless
you make me happy
you treat me the way that i need to be treated
you never fail to cheer me up
you inspire me to be a better person
you're open to change
you try new things
you're protective
your nose
the way you whisper in my ear
the way you kiss my neck
the sounds you make when i kiss your neck
the way you pucker your lips to ask for kisses
you sleep with me
you check on me
you never leave me with my thoughts
you can read me
you're honest
you're independent 
you love me the way that i love you
your boobs
your butt
everything. i love every single thing about you. everything that you look at in the mirror and get insecure about, i look at with admiration and love. there isn't a single thing about you that i don't love with my whole heart. 
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